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Bon Appetite!

On our tours, I’m often asked, “Where should we eat dinner in Walla Walla?” I usually answer with, “there isn’t any bad food in town, so it depends on your favorite cuisine.” On a busy weekend, it’s wherever you can get in! Dinner reservations are like Wine Tours and Hotel rooms; you need to reserve a table simultaneously. Don’t wait until you arrive in town. You’ll be sorry you did.
Here is a list of my favorite restaurants in Walla Walla’s downtown area. Most restaurants now have an outdoor setting for the good weather days. Bring a sweater, as some nights when the sun sets, the temperature will drop a little. Trying some of our great local wine with dinner will help you stay warm.

Places to dine

Upscale Restaurants in Walla Walla:

The Kitchen at Abeja: The Kitchen at Abeja is now open. Surrounded by the quiet beauty of a pastoral landscape, The Kitchen at Abeja invites guests to slow down and savor the aromas, flavors, and textures of inspired Northwest cuisine while recalling the storied history of a Walla Walla Valley farmstead.

Abeja winemakers Dan Wampfler and Amy Alvarez-Wampfler collaborate with Executive Chef Jake Crenshaw to offer guests a choice of a five or seven-course prix fix menu that honors the glorious riches of Pacific Northwest land and sea. Food and wine pairings delight the senses with contrasting flavors and complementary tastes. Abeja’s estate vineyards, charming garden, panoramic views, and exceptional guest service complete the evening for an immersive wine-country experience that honors balance in all things. Open evenings by reservation only. Seating is from 5:30 to 7:30 on Thursday – Saturday Evenings.

TMACS: (pronounced tee-max, an abbreviation for owner Tom Maccarone.) This newly remodeled space is hip and modern, with a two-level lounge and bar addition to their restaurant space and a great outdoor patio area—delicious dishes that nod to Tom’s Italian heritage. Fabulous cocktails are available too. (Closed Sun-Mon.) For reservations, call 509 522-4776

Passatempo Taverna: Upscale Italian food with delicious homemade pasta and a great bar. My favorite thing about this place is the large outdoor courtyard that has misters during the summer and is heated in the winter months. SeattleMet describes Passatempo as "rustic Italian," saying they pair some of Walla Walla's best wines with their homemade pasta. They list the Passatempo as one of the best restaurants in Eastern Washington. They’re known for their cocktails, made by local legend Jim German. (Closed Tues – Weds.) For Reservations, call 509 876-8822

Brasserie Four: A French restaurant with rich and delicious dishes. My favorite dish is the steak (or Moules) frites, but everything on their menu is fantastic. They also have excellent pate, cheeses, pizza, and their salads are light and flavorful, which can offset other rich foods. They are surprisingly kid-friendly too. (Closed Sun-Mon.) For Reservations, call 509 529-2011

Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen: Our only James Beard, nominated chef in town. You’ll find a mix of Mediterranean flavors here that pair amazingly well together, i.e., Spanish, Moroccan, and Turkish. Some of their ingredients skew towards the exotic and can include quail, ox, and escargot. You can order tapas-style dishes, so it’s an excellent place for a small group that’s okay with sharing. Reservations are only available by calling (509) 525-2112 after 2 pm Wednesday – Saturday. Closed Sun-Mon.)

Hattaway’s on Alder: A relative newcomer to the Walla Walla Restaurant scene, offering upscale dishes with local ingredients and a southern twist. Delicious Pate, salads, fish, and of course: fried chicken. Excellent food, and it quickly became my favorite new restaurant in town. Pro tip: For groups of 4 to 6, call ahead to reserve their private wine room at no additional charge. (Open every day.) For reservations, call 509 525-4433

Walla Walla Steak Company and Crossbuck Brewing: These two businesses share a building and are both part of the El Gaucho chain in Seattle. The Steak Company offers dim lighting and a top-notch dining experience. Visit Crossbuck for a more casual affair with over 20 beers on tap, including beer from other local Walla Walla breweries. Both menus are available on the brewery side. Note: both restaurants add a 20% “service charge” to your bill, so if you don’t get the service you expect, speak to a manager. (Closed Sun-Mon.) For Reservations, call 509 526-4100

The Marc: is the name of the bar and restaurant located on the first floor of the Marcus Whitman Hotel. They have a nice lounge area, comfy couches, a fireplace, and great cocktails for an ultimate night of dining at the Marc; experience the pleasure of a freshly prepared meal in the heart of the Marc Restaurant’s kitchen. Executive Chef Grant Hinderliter and Chief Dan McCaffrey have combined forces to create a multi-course food & wine celebration around the hotel’s ultra-exclusive chef’s table. Seating is limited to 10 guests – with more extensive table settings available elsewhere in the hotel. Call 509 524-5110 to schedule your Chef’s Table experience.

Kinglet at Whitehouse-Crawford: New restaurant has opened in the old Whitehouse-Crawford Mill. Seattle Chef Maximillian Petty and his wife have opened a new business in Walla Walla. The Kinglet will borrow some ideas from their Eden Hill menu in Seattle. They had items like an apple cider brazed brisket with crunchy vegetables and aioli sauce, crusted and seared scallops on sweet corn risotto, smoked chicken breast, and a 24-hour grilled sweet port belly. The Kinglet is also listed by SeattleMet as one of the best restaurants in Eastern Washington. They state that it is "intellectual and whimsical." The restaurant will have a full bar and will also offer catering options. They also feature a Chef's Counter for parties of 1 to 4, reservations and a deposit (per person) is required. For reservations, Call 509 676-4550.

Casual Restaurants in Walla Walla:

Sweet Basil Pizzeria: When you’ve been tasting wine all day and don’t feel like a fancy meal, it will help if you still have something to eat – this place is perfect. They offer thin-crust gourmet pizza by the slice or a whole pie. You can get a local wine or beer on tap when you order at the counter to accompany your meal. Add a side salad for just a few bucks to make a meal. Enjoy your meal at the outdoor seating area just outside the restaurant.

Big House Brew Pub: This is my favorite outdoor dining option in Walla Walla. They brew beer on the site and have a huge patio that is also dog-friendly. The name “Big House” is a nod to the State Penitentiary, located in Walla Walla about 3 miles away, known as the “Big House.”


Walla Walla Indian Cuisine: If you want an excuse to nap all afternoon, their lunch buffet is fantastic. They do not get off their buffet at dinner, but I’m sure the food is even better when it’s freshly cooked.

Yamas Greek Eatery: This is your place if you are craving grilled meat. A relative newcomer to town – they are not fancy but more upscale than the name implies. During the Corona Virus outbreak, they closed off the street outside and put up tables, chairs, and umbrellas for expanded outdoor dining.

AK’s Mercado: Located on Main Street in the Heart of Walla Walla, AK’s Mercado is the gathering spot for locals, winemakers, and tourists. With an entire outdoor patio area or cozy lounge atmosphere, we have it all and plenty of seating in between. Established in 2021, AK’s Mercado came to fruition after Chef Andrae Bopp’s travels to areas south of the border (Mexico and Central America) and his love of New Orleans.

Wingman Birdz + Brewz: Brendon & Lacey Mendoza created Wingman Birdz + Brewz in the summer of 2014 when they decided to open a restaurant on their own after a career of running high-volume restaurants across the country. They were living in Round Rock, Texas, when the opportunity became available to move back to Brendon’s hometown of Walla Walla, WA. The risk of packing up and moving the family across the country was a big one, but it was also a life-long goal to own a restaurant, and they would be closer to a family after being away for 15 years. So, they packed up their small car with the two dogs, a cat, and their 4-year-old daughter, Tessa!

The Bread Company: Owners Michele and Coral Pompei say that they moved to Walla Walla in late 2018 following the purchase of the Walla Walla Bread Company. We left behind our successful wholesale bakery, The Bakehouse 55, to start fresh in the small town of Walla Walla. We bring decades of experience and practiced hands to our corner on Main Street. Michele makes the bread, and Coral makes the pastries, with a bit of crossover. We are there every day, crafting the breads and pastries that sell out faster than we can make them. We are incredibly thankful for our support and our team of Bread Company believers. The Walla Walla Valley has yet to see the best of what we can do. We never stop working, and we have many exciting things coming!

Public House 124: Best known for our distinctive signature and seasonal cocktails and complimented by a mouth-watering menu, Public House 124, in kinder times, is a unique social dining experience in Walla Walla. Peruse our signature and seasonal cocktails to see what 124 does best. All our cocktails are made with the freshest ingredients. Open until 10:00 PM on Fridays & Saturdays.

The Maple Counter Cafe: Gourmet Breakfasts & handcrafted lunches! Starting at dawn every day, hand-squeezing juices and making numerous batters from coveted family recipes that hold to our vision of a memorable meal. Incorporating locally baked loaves of bread, fresh produce from nearby farms, custom-roasted coffee, and quality meats sourced from the Walla Walla region. Three generations of restaurants in the Nagler family culminate in a dining experience steeped in the genuine warmth of old-fashioned hospitality.

Bacon & Eggs: We love good food, and we love eating, growing, finding, and making it. Each dish is inspired by a place or experience we’ve shared. Every dish is made from scratch in our kitchen because we love what we do, and we love sharing it with you. Everything possible is locally grown or family-farmed because we believe in supporting our community.

Other local favorites:

Dibs on Main (American)
Charette’s Restaurant (American)
Shiki Hibachi Sushi
Tokyo Japanese Steak House
Red Monkey (Bar & Grill)

Applebee’s Grill & Bar (American)
El Sombrero (Mexican)
Grandma’s Kitchen (authentic Mexican Food)
The most famous Fast Food in Walla Walla – The Ice-Burg Drive-in
Best Sandwiches in Walla Walla - Graze

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