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George's Shuttle Service

In addition to my Wine Tours, I provide a Shuttle Service for my clients. If you’re flying in for a Wine Tour, let me know in advance, and if I’m not out on a tour, I can pick you up at the Walla Walla Airport and take you to/from your location of stay here in Walla Walla. I also provide transportation to/from the Pasco Airport and can provide service to up to 6 passengers.

After Tour needs

After completing our tours, many of our clients choose to have dinner at one of the excellent restaurants in the area. Some hotels are conveniently located within walking distance of these restaurants, while others require transportation. For instance, if you are staying at the Eritage Resort, Yellowhawk Resort, or an Airbnb located outside of downtown, you will need transportation to get to and from the restaurant for your evening meal. In such cases, I can provide you with transportation to ensure that you have a pleasant experience while in town.

Tour Car
Tour Car in front of DoubleBack Cellars

Arrange your Transportation

Regrettably, alternative means of transportation within Walla Walla are scarce, making it arduous to get around. It is advisable to arrange your transportation requirements beforehand during your visit. Furthermore, all hotels in the area strongly endorse my services as a reliable and trustworthy mode of transportation.


Contact me at 509 386-6385 or email me at:

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